The Pilgrim

“Writers are pilgrims virtually by default: They travel both figuratively (via the imagination) and literally in search of unanswered questions and higher truths and to recover that which has been lost–a sense of purpose, a renewed sense of what is sacred.” ~ Fred Cross from The Daily Writer

I agree with Cross, and I love the premise of his book which he makes clear in the subtitle: “366 meditations to cultivate a productive and meaningful writing life”.

The above quote is from his June 26th “meditation” in which he urges writers to “approach each writing project as an occasion for pilgrimage, a journey into the sacred heart of your subject.” He says that a pilgrimage is “a journey undertaken for spiritual purposes.”

I have undertaken many a pilgrimage–most of mine in my imagination or through research. But I do have one place that I find particularly sacred and it is a place that when I cannot visit physically, I go to in my mind’s eye. I discovered my sacred place when I was thirteen years old and attended a summer camp. The camp was affiliated with my church which would explain why my sacred place was on those campgrounds.

A short trek through the woods on the property where the camp is located reveals the spot that I go to in my mind when I need to find a place of peace. In a clearing, there is a large wooden cross with rough-hewn wooden benches facing it. An outside cathedral that is awe-inspiring and its silent vigil in the woods is where I make my deepest “spiritual connection”.


Do you have a sacred spot–one where your pilgrimage feels complete?