Perspective is everything….

thich nhat hanh puts life so in perspective for me. Sometimes I do not appreciate the beauty in everyday tasks—okay, most of the time, I do not appreciate the beauty in everyday tasks—but his thoughts in this poem, found in the book “moments of mindfulness” help me to see these tasks as more than necessary evils.

I do agree with him wholeheartedly about the planting a seed thing, and even the cutting the grass thing, but I will need more convincing on the “washing a dish” thing. Here are his words of wisdom for you to consider:

Planting a seed
washing a dish,
and cutting the grass
are as eternal,
as beautiful,
as writing a poem.
I do not understand
how a poem can be better
than a peppermint plant.

Can you embrace the beauty of everyday tasks, or do you need a little “mindfulness” convincing? My only argument with the mindfulness guru is that a poem once written becomes permanent, while a dish, once washed, becomes dirty again, and needs to be washed again, and again, and again.

I find writing more satisfying than tasks that have to be repeated time and time again, but since they are an inevitable part of the human condition, then taking a page out of thich nhat hanh’s book and giving them the same weight as the things I find more “important” is one way of gaining a new perspective. He evaluates the seemingly unimportant as significant. I can get on board with that. It heightens doing trivial chores to a different plane.

3 thoughts on “Perspective is everything….

  1. It’s not about the clean dish, LuAnn, it’s about the ACT of washing it mindfully. The dish may become dirty again, and need to be washed again, but that moment of mindfully washing it is as permanent in your experience as the poem is on paper. I’ve been engaging in a similar practice of mindfulness and find that it does, indeed, bring a different perspective on everyday life. xoxoM

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